016. 1000 Petal Lotus & Angus Tarnawsky, Subconscious Self Sabotage

015. Brian Chase, Drums & Drones II

014. Brian Chase & Angus Tarnawsky, Live At Secret Project Robot

013. Victoria Keddie, Cannibal Mécanique

012. Bryce Hackford, Diegetic Music

011. Robert Deeds (cur. by Maria Chavez), Broken Piano

010. Angus Tarnawsky, Surface To Air

009. Shelley Burgon, LOVEHER (2014)

008. Joe Talia, Sayu/Volo a Vela

007. Thomas Kircher & Lukas Grundmann, Wider/Wieder

006. monotope, Unsteady Scaffold/Voltaire’s Dubs

005. Daren Ho, 1 2 3 4 5 6

004. Nathan Liow & Angus Tarnawsky, Artifacts

003. Brian Chase, Ride/Scratch

002. Che Chen, Bus Passes By/Saturday

001. Shelley Burgon,  LOVEHER



Victoria Keddie
Cannibal Mécanique

7” lathe cut record (square)
Edition of 25 copies (1st)
Edition of 50 copies (2nd)




An electronic soundtrack by NY based audio-visual artist, Victoria Keddie. Originally composed as part of an immersive live experience incorporating analog video feedback and choreography, for ICM013, the audio component of Cannibal Mécanique has been revised and revisited in two movements.


Stray Landings
Theo Darton-Moore

Keddie’s a-side sees dusty overdrive resonances tremoloing alongside contorted dial-tones, while the b-side feels like a much subdued, basement-dwelling relative. Grainy beaters and stalled-engine sound design make for a brooding, hypnotic listen, developing slowly to a malfunctioned close. In its lathe cut form at least, Cannibal Mécanique calls to mind Francis Ford Coppola’s wire-tap thriller, The Conversation for me. Not least for the static-laced, in-and-out-of-focus feel it maintains, but also for the fact both sides build to disconcerting climaxes, leaving the listener unnerved and disoriented.


Record Release Poster
by ICM and Andrew Long

Record Release Video
by Victoria Keddie