016. 1000 Petal Lotus & Angus Tarnawsky, Subconscious Self Sabotage

015. Brian Chase, Drums & Drones II

014. Brian Chase & Angus Tarnawsky, Live At Secret Project Robot

013. Victoria Keddie, Cannibal Mécanique

012. Bryce Hackford, Diegetic Music

011. Robert Deeds (cur. by Maria Chavez), Broken Piano

010. Angus Tarnawsky, Surface To Air

009. Shelley Burgon, LOVEHER (2014)

008. Joe Talia, Sayu/Volo a Vela

007. Thomas Kircher & Lukas Grundmann, Wider/Wieder

006. monotope, Unsteady Scaffold/Voltaire’s Dubs

005. Daren Ho, 1 2 3 4 5 6

004. Nathan Liow & Angus Tarnawsky, Artifacts

003. Brian Chase, Ride/Scratch

002. Che Chen, Bus Passes By/Saturday

001. Shelley Burgon,  LOVEHER



Brian Chase
Drums & Drones II

12” vinyl record
Edition of 500 copies




Building on over a decade of work, Drums & Drones II follows master drummer and composer Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) into unchartered sonic realms. All of the pieces are based on the acoustic resonance of a single drum with each track designed to emphasize a different method of sonic investigation.

The project draws inspiration from Brian's time working at La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela's Dream House in TriBeCa, NYC. As he spent more time immersed within the installation, its complexity and beauty started to reveal itself in its magnitude. On the technical side, this was partly due to the distinct tuning system - Just Intonation - that was used to create the sound and the way it 'plays with' the listening process. Brian grew intent on finding ways to adapt this approach to his primary instruments of drums and percussion.

The album was recorded over a four week period as artist-in-residence at Headlands Center for the Arts in Northern California. Spending day and night in a secluded barn at the top of a hill, the residency provided the opportunity to live and work immersed in the creative process. This focus very much relates to the way in which the music functions: as the listener tunes into the sonic characteristics and pace of each track, its meditative properties are gradually revealed.